Being a Gifted Giver is obtainable for us ALL….

Gift Boxes - Giving the perfect gift
Gift Boxes – Giving the perfect gift
We’ve all met her, she’s that flawlessly put together woman who shows up to every birthday or social function with just the perfect gift or token of affectionate gratitude. She is the attentive hostess and the sought after guest…
She never shows up empty handed, or lets her guests leave empty handed, and she does it all with such a sense of ease that always looks so effortless….
Haven’t we all thought of being such an impeccably put together woman ourselves…floating through the room upon arriving with the ease of all the time in the world, and just the most exquisite ribbons and bows elegantly adorning our spectacular tokens of friendship and affection, as we hand them over to our awed audience….?
Cut to….Reality check 101….most of us are running on borrowed time and energy, and though we may wish and indeed even dream of embodying this rare creature who haunts our waking moments as we frantically remember that we have a birthday or social event in the next few days…but also grudgingly recall that we also have back to back meetings, carpools, our personal and business related errands, and the myriad of daily kids’ activities and commitments….
And so as we suddenly become aware of our inability to be that woman from our fantasy dreams, we haphazardly pick up a bottle of wine, a gift card or some other unprepared token and sheepishly arrive with said token carefully tucked under a breathless sigh of apology for our “just a little something we picked up”….
The truth is that getting that perfect gift, being a great guest or a fabulous hostess, doesn’t come without some degree of effort, but more importantly the trick is to pay attention to detail and plan ahead….way ahead…Notice the subtleties, the nuances of the things the people you are interacting with appreciate and enjoy… things like the colors your friend or colleague wears, if they prefer milk or dark chocolate, are they gardeners or more of a cut flower type, red or white wine…beer or vodka, do they talk about music, sports, cooking or do they like to drink coffee or tea….Knowing the likes and dislikes of the receiver of our gifts helps make putting together that exquisite touch much easier.
With a muffled grunt of “Ugh”, we may ask, how can it be possible to know what an acquaintance, business associate or colleague like or for that matter even how to keep track of what our friends and family prefer…and I will tell you that in this day and age of smartphones, computers and social media, that particular task has been made much simpler….and creating a well defined contact list is key.
Giving the perfect gift can be challenging but need not be not difficult, learning to prepare ahead of time and keeping a well stocked gift wrap station will help. Pick up wired ribbons, colorful tissue paper, gift bags and wrapping paper when they are on sale. Also by getting into the habit of pre-shopping for and picking up certain gifts and small items that we see when out and about, make it easier to assemble that oh so elusive and “ahhhh” gift, because not being in a time crunch allows our inner gift goddess to hone in on what will be just the perfect touches…
So when running errands and we see something that reminds us of someone, or the perfect greeting card for a friend or co-worker, perhaps a beautiful vase that will elegantly frame any cut flower arrangement, or we happen to partake of a delightful glass of wine that we are certain our wine loving friends would appreciate…go ahead and get it…chances are the occasion will present itself for you to shine and look as though it were just so easy…….and then we can ALL revel in the looks of admiration and also be that elusive woman of our dreams…




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