Believe…Have Faith…Be Happy…

Believe...Have Faith...Be Happy...
Believe…Have Faith…Be Happy…

When was the last time you actually identified and wrote down your beliefs?

You know, the core values that define you?

The year 2008 began a very difficult period in my life….many of the ideals I had held closely to my heart were being questioned and challenged. I felt as though I was being bombarded by test, after test, after test, after test.

And although I have never been at a loss for facing these adversities, indeed having had my whole existence comprised of such…at that time, it just felt as though I had had enough…I felt defeated, hollow, unsteady, unbelievably sad and somewhat broken…

Looking back in retrospect, it was a question asked of me in 2009 – what I held to be my truth…to be the core of my values? In order to honestly answer this question to MYSELF, I now realize that it was this inner reflection which was the catalyst for the journey that would provide my healing, understanding and acceptance…

So here goes:

  • I believe we are all born equal and free to make our own decisions and paths in life, what we choose to do with our gifts and talents is solely up to us, for God has given us the ultimate grace in our free will.
  • I believe we do not have the right to judge others until we have walked a mile in their shoes, and even then instead of judging we should show empathy, compassion and friendship.
  • I believe that all living creatures have rights, and that our rights as the guardians of this planet do not supercede theirs, but should begin and end accordingly.
  • I believe that our children live and learn by our examples, and that they are listening even when we think they are not. Parenting is one of the most difficult and rewarding accomplishments of life, and for those who get it right my admiration is tenfold.
  • I believe in God’s mercy and the power of prayer and faith, but not necessarily in the concept of rigid, organized religion. For to find God is to only to look with our own souls.
  • I believe that you should never do anything with the expectation of getting recognition…it’s not about how, but about why….
  • I believe that we are all innately born with the traits of good and evil within each of us….and that there is a constant battle in our subconscious for one or the other to prevail.
  • I believe that one of the most difficult things for a person to do in life, is to honestly “see” themselves as they really are…but for those few who are able to, it is the most liberating of moments.
  • I believe that a woman’s right to choose should be between her, God and her conscious…but that sometimes there should be regulations, as in young girls, partial birth and end of term….nothing in life is black or white, for there many shades of gray.
  • I believe that marriage is an institution, and there are those who would see its foundations pulled apart.
  • I believe in the idea of karma, but not in the way that is commonly held by pop culture. To me, karma is the ability to learn from the consequences to your actions, good or bad. Karma is not about paying debt…
  • I believe that in order for there to be spiritual growth, forgiveness and humility are fundamental necessities and that each of has the knowledge of what IS within us, but very few of us are listening.
  • I believe that when someone really dislikes you it is because they see something in you that makes them unhappy and uncomfortable with themselves…and no matter what you do, you will never be able to please them, for you cannot force someone to like you…or themselves…
  • I believe that sometimes it’s just best to walk away….and live in peace with your decision.
  • I believe that we live in the greatest nation in the world, and that in spite of adversity, social/economic differences, inequalities, lackluster leadership, etc….we still have the freedom to say what we think, the right to protest and object, the ability to provide for our families, all without fear of repression, tyranny or genocide….
  • I believe in God and His goodness and mercy, but I also believe that it is within each of us to make a difference in our own lives and the lives of those we touch…

I am still walking my journey of self healing, facing new challenges along the way, sometimes slipping back a step or two, but always striving to live my life on my terms and in harmony with MY beliefs….and as a work in progress am sure to make new discoveries, shift certain thoughts or ideas…but at my core, the beliefs I’ve stated above are what make me who I am and provide me the strength to face every new obstacle with faith that no matter how heavy the load, I shall prevail….

And I wonder, have you ever searched deep within your own values….I’d love to hear what YOU have to say!




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